With the brand is also all clear

Than every time to risk buying the products of an unverified manufacturer, it is better to compile a list of 1-3 names of recognized companies and dress with them. It is by no means necessary to include in this row of favorites the most prominent names (such as Hugo Boss or Lacost). Among domestic brands, you can also find worthy bidders: why not browse the product catalog of the Ivanhoe factory, for example? This manufacturer is not just represented in many fashionable men’s clothing stores.

As for the color, there are only 2 conditions here. Firstly, the color scale of a person’s wardrobe should not include all 7 colors of the palette and more than a hundred of their shades. Ideally, decide for yourself with 3-5 favorite colors. Secondly, the basic colors of clothing should not only be to the man’s face, they should like him.

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