This is why research has focused on the sealing material, especially in recent years

The car transmission Delaying is only possible if the gasket or brake pad can convert the energy from the heat movement without damaging other components at the same time is capable. This means that the heat is partly absorbed, partially downloaded. It is important that the friction surface (eg the brake pads / brake shoes) is abundant and the discs have sufficient strength and friction.

A seal / conventional stem consists of a friction surface that comes into contact with the disc. Such a surface is followed by an intermediate layer which holds the heat from the carrier plate. Here, too, there is a cushioning layer which has the function of suppressing the vibrations and vibrations. The support plate, in addition to being an element which ensures stability, also has the task of removing the heat. This ensures that neither the brake pads / brake straps, nor the other elements are connected, can cause an increased wear to heat up and cause. How much heat depends in fact is generated especially on the friction surfaces. Therefore, each part is given a coefficient of friction which reflects the thermal stability and can absorb the mechanical stresses that occur. The stronger the motor, the higher the coefficient. Therefore, in the case of tuning, the replacement of the brake pads / brake pad may be indispensable. Nowadays, there are coatings that can work very effectively and at the same time withstand very high speeds.

Sintered metals are often used for the production of the support plate, while the coatings should contain the smallest possible amount of copper, antimony, lead and asbestos. In the sports segment, however, we prefer the use of alternative, consisting of mixtures with ceramics. In our online shop you will find all the parts you need (for example, master cylinder, catalytic converter, coolant, heat sensor, steering system, etc.) at an affordable price.

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