Therapeutic massage

In therapeutic massages, it is possible to put together a specific treatment plan for almost any complaint. These forms of intensive therapeutic massage, which are also linked to the energy system through the meridians and chakras, are based on the idea that mind and body are harmoniously connected and a whole, form a unity. When the harmony is disturbed, one is out of balance, and there are complaints arise, will be lifted the blockade by these therapeutic forms of massage and the body will be able to heal itself further.

All forms of massage that are given in the practice, have ended up being one and the same goal. Body and soul, in this demanding society, give the time and attention they deserve. whereby the resulting physical or stress-related problems can be resolved.

Other types of massage:

relaxation Massage
Anti-stress massage
Sports massage

1. Relaxation Massage
If you reach the end of the day at home with the feeling that your neck and shoulders of concrete? Stress makes your back stiff and sore?
Anyone who has experienced the physical stresses which can be part of a life full of worries, there will probably not be surprised that massage pain, relaxes muscles seized.

Many people rub almost unconscious on the tense, painful spots to take some of the stress away.
Massage performed properly, can have a remarkable effect not only on the muscles themselves, but on your whole feeling.
The sense of touch is one of the most important and yet often neglected senses and the need for human touch continues throughout our lives.
Professional massage can be an effective treatment for a variety of physical symptoms and it was a lovely relaxing experience. A relaxation massage is usually carried out on the back of the body, this can of course also on the entire body.

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