The secret to a healthy beds: what is the use of fungicides?

Experienced gardeners are well aware that the disease can turn into a plague much more terrible than the worst invasion of pests. Different kinds of germs can not only destroy the standing of the current year’s harvest, but also spoil the pretty planting and again in the spring to develop initially healthy seeds. Fortunately, among the modern chemical protection there is a special group of pesticides that can help the Cottagers in the fight for the harvest: cheap and high quality fungicides.

Translated from the Latin (fungus – the fungus and caedo – killing), the common name of these drugs implies the ability to completely destroy or significantly inhibit the development of plant pathogens, and especially of various parasitic fungi. The advantages of these compositions person discovered a long time: for example, the ancient Greeks and Romans fumigated vineyards and seed corn sulfur, which helps prevent infection with rust and powdery mildew. Such preventive BASF Agriculture treatments practiced later (mostly with the use of various kinds of natural bactericides and antiseptics), and only at the end of XVIII – early XIX centuries in agricultural technology was a real breakthrough, and farmers were able to buy tools from plant diseases and wholesale.

Nowadays, all fungicides are divided into organic, inorganic and biological. The first release on the basis of various acidic compounds to produce the second mercury-based, copper, iron, or sulfur. Others are good, and in many ways innovative style, as their active implementation has just started and is still not completed the development in this area. Biological fungicides are fundamentally different from other compounds that, instead of the active chemical compounds are used in specially selected bacteria, which in contact with the infected culture or seeds cause the death of specific types of pathogenic fungi. Buy cheap drugs from plant diseases, ensuring biological protection, can now be in any large city; however, and the old proven techniques like Bordeaux mixture, green soap or copper sulfate should not be discounted.

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