The operation of sensitive parts in mechanical and automotive engineering is always secured indirectly

Instruments such as the valves, the valve control punch and the damping tube are halfway through this process. They ensure a more precise and stable operation. This is especially important when dealing with very thin and small components such as, for example, the camshaft, which is responsible for valve control. In time, the cams must handle the valves in a very fast way, which requires great precision and meticulousness.

Inside the tight, admissible, and unloaded valves there are springs that are often tightened in a very fast way. In addition, in the block head (where the valves are located), the temperatures are very high. Both of these conditions cause wear. The overhead valves are also not immune to wear. Because they are used as tools, they should have a higher degree of hardening than that of the driven parts. Consequently, their degree of wear must be lower. This should always be valid regardless of their structure or design method. Each valve needs a self-regulating valve, as this also depends on its position within the block head. The overhead valve acts as hammer, lever and rocker at the same time. Its wear depends of course on the materials used for its realization. However, the task is simple and therefore it has a long running life. The valve is usually shorter.

The best time to check the condition of the camshaft and the valves is when replacing a valve. The failure of a valve used for an extended period could be caused by the lazy valve. A high-end headlamps continue to operate even when the car is ready for scrapping. If you are looking for quality spare parts at a favorable price, visit our online store. Here you will find everything you need: Flexible hose, Tensioner roller, Turbocharger, shock absorber, oscillating support, etc.

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