The fact that an air conditioner has an energy class “A.

In cooling operation, does not necessarily mean that it has the same energy class during the heating operation.

Air-purifying air-purifying technology is an ever-improving field in air conditioners. Most air conditioners are equipped with filters to hold dust and micro-organisms. The development of the above-mentioned filters has led several manufacturers to supply their models with an ionizer, an advanced electronics filter (cold plasma filter). The ionizer using electric fields releases positive and negative ions to the air that neutralize bacteria and viruses, while retaining dust, odors and suspended particles. The ionizer function consists of smoking areas and in the case of people suffering from allergies (such as allergic rhinitis), the elderly and babies.
Maintenance of air conditioner

An essential condition for the efficient operation of the air conditioner is its installation and installation by experienced technicians. Regular intervals (usually once a year) require specialist refrigeration professionals to cope with existing machine failures or prevent them from occurring. Maintenance of the air conditioner should concern both indoor and outdoor units. In addition to regular maintenance by qualified personnel, frequent cleaning of the filters and fins of the machine from dust, which gradually adds to the efficiency of the air conditioner, is also suggested. The above actions, if applied regularly and meticulously, achieve improved performance of the air conditioner, its lifetime as well as may lead to appreciable reductions in electricity consumption for the household or business.

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