The blue color in the clothes. Who goes and what is united

Blue is a favorite color for many girls, plus the main color around which the entire wardrobe is built. To whom the blue color passes, what is combined with and what nuances it is easier to make successful equipment variants.
The blue color in the clothes

The son is considered to be completely official. Business suit, uniforms, work bibs – all this is not hard to imagine in a dark blue color, but not in red, not in green. At the same time, the color of the summer sky looks light and sexy, romantic and very feminine.
Blue hues

The richness of the blue tones makes it a universal color for all occasions. Depending on the blend of blue with red, green, yellow, different color shades are obtained, many of which come with separate names, often very original. For example, grape vapor, color of Cypriot breeze, royal blue, deep sea color. Here are the 7 main colors of this versatile color:

dark blue;
midnight blue;

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