Speaking generally about automatic gates

In addition, manufacturers are trying to improve the sectional doors with various additional devices that provide protection against hacking. The principle of its effect depends on the type of drive installed on the sectional door. When the mechanism of the effect of the hand-mounted structural lock. If the drive is installed, then it already has built-in function clogging.

Generally speaking about automatic gates, they are not as reliable as the swing. When the latter are made of steel, they are particularly reliable. Automatic slightly down the way, and it hacking close to complete. The only solution in this case – to set the alarm. Or, if the resources allow it to follow the novelties the protection from hacking and regular lock to a sectional door update.
To turn turntables require Bulgarian or any other tool that can cut the loop gate. However, it should be noted that this method is associated with a high noise, so attackers can hardly dare to act like this.

A few words about the castle: The higher it is introduced deeper, the more difficult it is to crack. If the bolt is fastened with screws externally, they are very easy to break. In this case, the best solution is to weld the lock to the target.

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