Shirts for business men

The shirt is considered the most popular thing of the men’s wardrobe. But choosing the right one must also be able to emphasize your figure, fit you in color and in general was comfortable. The best shirt is the one made of natural cotton. The main thing that you need to know when buying is the size of the gate and the length of the sleeve. Of course, this is not necessary to know, buying not suit shirts, and the so-called “for release.” The color scale of the shirt can be chosen any, most importantly, that it is in harmony with the suit or with a tie.

Shirts that are intended for solemn events must be chosen white or black, you can choose a satin fabric or silk. The business style of the shirt implies not only monochrome colors, but also figured in the form of a cage or strip. Be sure to look at the collar. The modern shape of the collar can be any, the only difference is with what you are going to wear it. Remember that the collar for a tie does not fit the collar for a butterfly. Cuffs at the shirt should mean wearing buttons or cuff links. It is believed that the front shirt should not have any pockets or one at the chest level. Be sure to pay attention to the seams. On them, you can easily determine the quality of the shirt. The seams should be smooth and straight.

Buy a shirt is only necessary in specialized stores. This reduces the risk of acquiring substandard things. A good shirt can not be cheap, for which it’s not worth chasing cheap things. When choosing a shirt, rely not only on your own taste, but also on the opinions of your loved ones. Sometimes what looks beautiful to you looks different from the side. Please note that a well-chosen shirt serves as a guarantee of success.

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