Sectional doors – composition of gates

interconnected sandwich panels;
electrical or mechanical drive;
Door leaf guides with seal;
Remote control system (for electric drive variant);
System of operational safety;
Access system.

A warm sandwich panel for sectional doors consists of two strips of galvanized steel with a polymer coating. Between the strips is a layer of high-density polyurethane foam, which has high thermal insulation properties and is at the same time an environmentally friendly material. The standard thickness of the profile is 45 mm. Sandwich panels are equipped with a sealing compound made of plastic, energy foam.

On the lower edge of the sectional doors is a hollow sealing profile made of frost-resistant rubber with two edges. It serves to compensate for ground irregularities that seal the bottom of the gate. Another of its tasks is to prevent damage to obstacles which are opposed to the closing doors.

It is worth mentioning that this is the warmest type of automatic gates!

Since the specific weight of sectional doors reaches 11.2 kg / m2, the manual control is generally only applied at small gates (up to approx. 8 m2). In most cases, we recommend automatic control, and here are some more reasons why.

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