Probably, the person has already reached the maximum life expectancy

Perhaps the current generation of people has already reached the maximum limit of the duration of human life. A recent study conducted by scientists from the United States was designed to show the likelihood that one of the people will survive the age of 122 – the officially established record for life expectancy to date. The results were disappointing.

The rapid development of medicine over the past 100 years has caused a rapid increase in the average life expectancy in many countries of the world. Statistics showed a constant increase in the maximum life expectancy – again and again fixed long-livers who stepped over a hundred-year boundary. But since the 90-ies of the last century, growth in the maximum life expectancy is no longer observed. The record holder is still the Frenchwoman Zhanna Kalman, who at the age of 122 years 5 months and 14 days died in 1997. Does this mean that humanity has approached the limit for the maximum life expectancy?

To answer this question, specialists had to analyze the mortality data in 41 countries of the world. Analysis of the data showed that until 1995, the maximum life expectancy increased by 0.15 units per year, whereas after 1995, the increase not only slowed down, but even declined. According to the forecasts of scientists, the probability that a particular person will survive the border at 125 years is not more than 0.0001%. Thus, the age of 125 years is the biological limit of human life, which only individuals can overcome. Even with the improvement of public health and the invention of new effective drugs, we will be able to increase the average, but not the maximum life expectancy.

However, many experts do not hurry to agree with the results of the research. Let’s not forget that in the past epochs scientists constantly made assumptions about the maximum life expectancy and each time they were wrong. Were they also mistaken this time?

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