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The ancients called the sofa as a “gift of the gods”. Unfortunately, this gift has come many people lost: There are more than 80 different sleep disorders and well 20 million – at least briefly – Un-sleep sufferers in Germany. Most patients suffer temporarily asleep and staying asleep (insomnia). Goes over half an hour to fall asleep, it is called an initial insomnia. If you fall asleep normally but are longer than 30 minutes awake after night waking or very frequent short awake, you suffer the other hand on a through sleep disorder.

The sofa as a seismograph of the soul
Women are twice as often affected by falling asleep and difficulty sleeping like men. There are also gender-specific reasons, which are additional to emotional “Schlafstörfaktoren” like stress, depression and anxiety still:
Frequently occur sleep problems at the start of menstruation and subside thereafter again.
Pregnant women have a temporary change in sleep: At the beginning of pregnancy increases the need for sleep to. At a later stage, the sleep pattern changed in so far that the deep sleep decreases and increases the tendency for nighttime awakenings.
During menopause occurs frequently sleep disorders, which are caused by the hormonal changes.

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With these exercises you stay loose

The S-Bahn door closes in front of your nose, mother- comes for a surprise visit and the pile on your desk seems to grow indefinitely . With a simple ” Calm down “, it is not always done in such cases . Because that just – stay calm – wants us frequently just will not succeed. Actually pretty stupid , after all, we know that the hubbub around us is not better if we tear our hair out and hustle up spots crawling our décolleté.

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Admission requirements for the University

Proper application form

The application form of the University is to be duly filled in, constitute the correct personal information, education and professional experience. The information provided in the application form should be consistent with the submitted supporting documents. Universities usually have online application forms, where you have to register and receive their applicant ID. This subscription type also includes the electronic upload of any additional application documents in scanned PDF format. Please do not forget to add your signature when you send the application form electronically.

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Lotus 3 – Eleven beats Porsche 918 Spyder

The Lotus 3 – Eleven scored in Hockenheimring the fastest ever by the magazine “sport auto” measured lap time for production sports cars. Test editor Christian Gebhardt needed on the small course a minute and 6.2 seconds. Hazards was the time at eight degrees outside and with standard tires. The Lotus was thus a tenth of a second faster than the previous record holder Porsche 918 Spyder.
The Lotus 3 – Eleven, are built of which only 311 copies, comes 890 kilograms and an output of 343 kW / 466 hp in the Race version on a power ratio of 1.9 kg / hp. The open two-seater accelerates in three seconds from zero to 100 km / h and reaches a top speed of 290 km / h.

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German Education System

Once you are admitted as a student at a German university, the next step is to enroll into the study or “enroll” to leave. This method comprises the application to the lectures / events, so you have the opportunity to participate in the akademiscen lectures and exercises and to undergo the tests.

The enrollment process includes the delivery of the following documents to the Student Secretariat:

Your passport,
the admission letter from the university,
the university entrance qualification (or replacement)
some passport photos,
Proof of health insurance,
Proof of English and / or German language skills (depending on the programming language)
Following, after the release of these documents:

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