Plastic with aluminum body

Aluminium – front stage diaphragms

High-quality combination of plastic and aluminum profile – Optics
Ideal for individual and demanding design requests
Almost unlimited color choices (in all RAL colors)
Offset surface appearance levels in classic design
Proven high Winder Stand and durability
Low maintenance and Wanrtungsaufwand
Suitable for all 70-mm-profile systems, the systems 90 and SOFTLINE 82 and the lift and slide door system

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Locksmith services – production of switches and installation of locks

Whether you need fitting a new lock or a new security system or you need to repair your lock mechanisms or replace all of these services are available to us around the clock. Emergencies usually are our specialty. Cars and motorcycles can be quite expensive, so it is important to protect your investment. Reliable lock the garage as you can also help save expensive insurance. However, if you lose your keys or something is wrong with the locks, our mobile locksmiths are able to help.

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Use low-cost carriers worldwide

Most regions of the world have become cheap airlines such as AirAsia in Asia, in India IndiGo or JetStar in Australia. Flight search engines like SkyScanner or Which Budget integrate all of these low-cost airlines. In SkyScanner you can also let air fares as a monthly show – extremely practical!

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Practice cleaning London

Your practice should be clean and hygienic, therefore we recommend our practical cleaning. The company’s R & Q management London is your service provider for the practice cleaning in London. Your doctor’s office should be hygienic and clean. Your patients should feel comfortable around. We remove dirt and dust and disinfect telephones, doorknobs and surfaces that are subject to by the daily practice of a permanent and intense stress.

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From rocket carrier for agricultural tractors – The K700

On a tour through Mecklenburg Vorpommern I witnessed by chance one of the few K700 in use. Below I present this rare machine forward a little, and reports from the firm’s experience and expertise of the driver with this machine.
Built in 1982 and since 1992 on the operation in Meck-Pom in use, the repurposed army vehicle is still super shape. Before the PS Bolide arrived at a price of 50,000 DM by ferry to Germany, he was used in Eastern Europe as a missile carrier. Powered by a 12-cylinder engine (330hp) of the battle tank T-72, he is now active in peaceful mission with an 8 meter Disc in stubble. To work in Germany of Kasimir 700 was for safety reasons a safety frame and for the well-being of the driver air conditioning and better insulation of the cabin.

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A Minority View

About three hundred years ago, the chief rabbi of the famed “Three Communities” in Germany (Altona, Hamburg, and Wandsbek) was the great Rabbi Yonatan Eibeschutz. Legend has it that when he was just three years old he was so famous for his wisdom that the king of Poland, being a bit bored and even more inquisitive, heard about him and decided he wanted to see the child prodigy for himself and put him to a royal test.

The king sent a message to little Yonatan’s father saying that he’d heard about the child’s wisdom, and was interested to see if he was smart enough to find his way, unassisted, from his home, several miles away, through the confusing streets of the city, to the royal palace.

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