offers a wide range of laminate flooring in the trees

Modern manufacturers more offers consumers a wide selection of laminate flooring in the trees. In order not to get lost in the variety, make the right choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic characteristics of each race.

Important to keep in mind that the laminate class 31 can be installed in the apartment, but 23 minutes is not fit for office.

23-31 class – the next stage parametratrajnost. The first of them is used for laying in residential areas with a large number of people, and other experts recommend the use of a small office, reception.

The term of service for the laminate 23 class – 6 years, much time and work up to 31 classes, as he lay in the apartment, he will lie twice as long (including special handling).

If we talk about classes laminates 32 and 33 godinenjihov main goal – shopping, cafes, or areas with large daily load. These classes are the best protective coating and, frequently, Water-repellent. And there’s an extra layer of sound insulation, which completely replaces the surface during installation.

Important: If you have the financial capacity, smarter purchase for home use high-end laminate flooring, then the need to replace it there until 15-20 years.

Scope floorboard home Istana is not limited. It looks perfect on the business premises of the midday, reception rooms. The only significant limitation – laying in rooms with extreme temperatures or high humidity.

If during assembly and subsequent errors, then flooring will be a long time. In general, the first 10 years of flooring should not be processed, and when I paint loses its initial appeal, the Board may be re-sanded and covered with a new layer. Wood becomes magnificent again.

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