Latex Mattress Comfort setal

Latex Mattress Comfort setal: mattress bio of high quality, ergonomic, with Pirelli latex composition of coconut firmly average.

Looking for a really comfortable mattress, which would spare column? Like surfaces that will not sink rather are followers of a firmer surface? In this case this mattress is the best choice for you: offers maximum comfort by building its classic latex-coconut fiber medium-latex firmly with 7 anatomical areas. Sustainability is guaranteed by the material quality latex mattress-PIRELLI, highest quality Thus helping to create a premium product.


This mattress mattress combines classic features of new generation bio mattresses, while offers great comfort and also protects and health: With 7 anatomic zones provides an ergonomic support on various points of the body.

On top mattress has a removable, washable, anti-allergy, with good ventilation, with the choice of several combinations of materials and features. An additional cost cover can be ordered in 3D, whose advantage is that the cover can be detached into two parts, so one by one can be washed in the washing machine. Due to these facilities end result is a quiet and restful sleep.

What does the mattress with multiple zones?
The structure mattresses multiple zone is provided by transverse springs packages of different hardness depending on which part of the body must support him. The human body does not exert the same pressure all over the mattress. Thus was created the seven areas to distribute weight evenly on the surface of the mattress. The first mattresses were only three areas, essentially they provide a firmer support in the lower back and pelvis. A quality mattress is at least 5 or 7 zone orthopedic best. These areas harmonizes perfectly with the body weight evenly distributed, so every part of the body benefits from the support ideal.

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