Jeans-boyfriends: with what to wear?

them Today, at the peak of popularity jeans-boyfriends. But with what can they be worn, who will wear such clothes? Further learn. Jeans-boyfriends look best at girls of lean physique. The more tender and feminine the image will look, the nicer the girl’s transition to the hips from the waist. Best of all, these jeans look at women with narrow hips. They baggy, in the pope will attach a volume.

If you are a big ass, then you will have to look for other models that will hide the extra pounds. Low and full of girls jeans, boyfriends do not go.

You will seem slimmer if you choose darker jeans. Note that the boyfriends will add kilograms, also consider the effect of color on your figure.

The best length of boyfriend jeans is 10 cm above the level of the foot. You can not specifically pants your pants lower or higher. So you show your lack of taste.

Boyfriends are considered universal, they can be combined with moccasins, heels, sneakers and ballet shoes, loffers or oxfords.

If a man’s style is created, then choose shoes on a flat base. A feminine image will help to create sandals, shoes-boats.

You can make your silhouette more tight, in this case jeans are supplemented with t-shirts, turtlenecks. If you like tops, then combine them with a bulk checkered shirt, boyfriends.

Optimal outerwear is a sweatshirt, a leather jacket, a coat, a waistcoat, a jacket, a jumper. The creation of multi-layering is welcome. Looks beautiful jacket or white shirt in combination with jeans, boyfriends. In the winter, the image will be complemented by three-dimensional sweaters.

A stylish solution is the combination of the “female” top and the “male” bottom. Suitable accessories that are selected under jeans-boyfriends are a belt, scarf, hat, bag.

The main task of such clothes is to emphasize the fragility and femininity of a girl. On the leg, you can put on a bracelet, complement the image with a bright make-up, a stylish hairdo.

Jeans-boyfriends do not always wear only with flip-flops or sneakers, come up with more interesting images.

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