Jacket: features create an elegant image

Today bomber jacket became one of the favorite things of modern fashionistas, but this wardrobe piece originally created for American pilots in the 50s. While bomber jacket was one of the most convenient things. A separate part of such jacket were elastic cuffs, hem and sleeves situated.

In 1960 bomber jacket captivated by the beauty and practicality of young America. During this period, served as boiled wool material for producing such news, buttons and zippers were replaced. Very often bomber color matching color characteristic of a university. In addition, special jacket sewn stripes, which was depicted the institution. Interestingly, bomber-jacket at the time were honored to wear only the best students and athletes. Therefore, such an unusual style jacket became a symbol of success and elitism. Gradually jacket is now available to all participants.

This refers to things today unisex style popular. Girls use bombers to create images daily and combine them with all sorts of feminine dresses and high heels.

At first, the material of the sheath made such a style is skin. If the bomber-jacket of modern women’s fashion, and the materials have changed. Many women today choose fashionable jackets of silk, cashmere, lace or vinyl. popular model, decorated with rich prints and embroidery. Bomber struck steel, made of translucent aerial tissues. These jackets can be worn by women, for example, a summer night.

Selecting jacket thicker tissue can be all kinds of cold packs daily. This could include models buffers fur. Raw materials will be fine with shoes and leather accessories. It should be noted that the bag and gloves should be combined with the shell of the selected color. bomber jackets light pattern can be combined with soda delicate dress.

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