If the selection of colors available tablecloth unspoken rules

Casual cloth necessarily should harmonize with the entire color palette of the room, especially with the wallpapers, curtains and furniture.
If you want to make a spectacular accent color, the cloth can be different from the situation in color, but the tone is chosen as close as possible. For example, beige red or brown tablecloth looks big, but in the predominant olive color – is inappropriate, there is more suitable light green or even blue.
Festive tablecloth is not always gets for the environment, this accessory can be highly contrast with the environment, but with a dinette the harmonious combination.
If you doubt the choice of colors, would be a safe bet, the traditional colors and suitable for the holidays and for every day: white, beige, all shades of silver and gold colors.

With a selection of patterns will also suffer, there are rules that are very similar for the selection of wallpapers: an important figure optically expands the space and narrows – narrowed.
Plaid and striped tablecloths bring the interior of lightness and enthusiasm, but serious celebrations are better to choose a monochrome tablecloth or a casual floral ornament or geometric lines.
An excellent choice would be a tablecloth, embellished with embroidery, lace and just the original inserts.

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