How to weave a simple spike-spike to a child: instructions

Whatever may be said, some spit-spike-based haircuts can not be created without assistance (mothers, grandparents or sisters), especially if the face is still small for self-weaving. But if you use training and practice, then you can learn how to weave a nice and beautiful spikelet.

Tip: The thicker the pipe, the longer it will stay.

On short and medium hair, the braids are woven from the forehead, the long ones – from the middle of the thigh.

slightly comb hair from forehead to back of head;
a large strip divided into three small ones and begins to weave with the usual ribbon, grabbing the locks;
Alternatively, grasp small threads along the edges and weave them into the main tissue

interlacing the spokes to the lower level of the ear;
if you weave two pigtails, then you have to divide the hair into a right side, then half of the head is twisted and then made with the second half of the head;
Next, it is possible to weave an ordinary quill or leave two tie cavities. The latter will look very nice.

To give such a solemnity to the hairstyle, simply embellish it with colored ribbons, hair sewn or arches.
How to weave a snake snake: instructions

Once you have mastered the basic elements of weaving, you can build a more complex ribbon of irregular shape – the snake. This hairstyle occupies first place in popularity among preschool and primary school mothers and children and has the following advantages: it is elegant, comfortable, looks very beautiful.

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