How to choose a bed: the focus on style bedroom

Materials and construction largely dictates the bedroom bed furnishing style. For example, if a bedroom is decorated in Romanesque style, it does not fit the bed made of bamboo or wicker couch. Let’s talk about how to choose a bed in style.

Beds platform fit perfectly into the bedroom in Japanese style as well as in the style of minimalism and high-tech.

Fashion is now a bed with a minimalist design headboard made of leather (including different hanger sets) are very versatile. Leather beds are suitable for bedrooms in many different styles: ethnic, classic, modern, minimalistic. Leather and leather imitations are good and tightly washable textiles also enhance the comfort – on a pillow pleasant to build in winter – heat, summer – cool.

Beds with a bamboo frame and headboard wonderfully emphasize ethnic, tropical, eco-styled bedrooms. The same applies to their beds with basket frames and heads.

Wrought iron beds are good for the interiors in retro style, country, Provence. Relying on such a pillow is not very convenient, so it is desirable to create additional flat pillows under the back.

The beds are decorated with wooden boards, carved with carvings, overlays, inlays – a classic furniture, antique, Baroque, Romanesque interior bedrooms. The rest of the environment, of course, must correspond. This is based on the carved headboard is not too nice, so also need a pillow.

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