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The adult person is able to determine what he wants from the lessons at home. Some people want to achieve success in this profession, but they break off halfway. Especially working and family people have their responsibilities.

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What special characteristics has an atomic gas ?

A laboratory experiment it is physicists made at the Center for Quantum Dynamics, University of Heidelberg, to determine the so-called equation of state for an atomic gas. With it, the thermodynamic properties of this physical system can be described accurately. According to Associate Professor Dr. Tilman Enss and Selim Jochim this equation provides the basis for further experiments with ultracold atoms, which are aimed at a better understanding of mechanisms of superconductivity, ie the lossless transport of electric currents. The research results were published in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters”.

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Balanced rivalry

Two Forest Communities in Transition: bogus houses dominated, kühlgemäßigter rainforest (left) and subtropical rainforest (right). Image: Robert Kooyman
Approximately three trillion trees grow around the world, in forests mingle thousands of species and genera, competing for resources such as nutrients and space. The competition has great influence on the growth of trees – but can be general statements about the different types do? An international team of 40 scientists has published the most comprehensive study on the tree competition. The researchers have identified three characteristics that have a predictable effect on the competition in all forested ecosystems. Marc Hanewinkel, Chair of Forest Economics and Forest Planning at the University of Freiburg, participated in the study, were studied in the data of three million trees on more than 140,000 research plots. The results have been published in the scientific journal “Nature”.

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