The 7 biggest myths to learn languages

Learning a foreign language is difficult
Learning a language is difficult, but if you do not want. Learning a language takes time, but it is not difficult. In most cases, you only need to hear and read. Soon you will begin to feel the satisfaction of understanding another language. In most cases, at school and at the courses the teachers try to force the students to speak, as he does not know. This makes learning a language so complicated.

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Strategies successful speaker – overcoming fear of speaking

Do you know the strategies of successful speakers or do you think that these people that eloquence has been placed in the cradle? Of course there are people who have the “stages gene” and literally take pleasure to appear before the public – and to already from childhood. These people have no stage fright and feel on stage or in large groups, such as a fish in water. But for most of us it is rather uneasy of public speaking, presentations or meetings and we are already long before such an appearance after the end.

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How long can I learn a foreign language?

Get creative.
Learning a language does not mean only to sit for hours in front of grammar and vocabulary. The motivation is lost very quickly. Anyone who may instead get the fun of it, will have long-term success. Become so creative while learning. Use to write the foreign language to a poem, sing to new vocabulary before, buy up audiobooks or perform a staged interview with a colleague. Meanwhile, there are also numerous educational software that support learning by playing. So you can learn new things, maintain your motivation and develop fun learning.

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Admission requirements for the University

Proper application form

The application form of the University is to be duly filled in, constitute the correct personal information, education and professional experience. The information provided in the application form should be consistent with the submitted supporting documents. Universities usually have online application forms, where you have to register and receive their applicant ID. This subscription type also includes the electronic upload of any additional application documents in scanned PDF format. Please do not forget to add your signature when you send the application form electronically.

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German Education System

Once you are admitted as a student at a German university, the next step is to enroll into the study or “enroll” to leave. This method comprises the application to the lectures / events, so you have the opportunity to participate in the akademiscen lectures and exercises and to undergo the tests.

The enrollment process includes the delivery of the following documents to the Student Secretariat:

Your passport,
the admission letter from the university,
the university entrance qualification (or replacement)
some passport photos,
Proof of health insurance,
Proof of English and / or German language skills (depending on the programming language)
Following, after the release of these documents:

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