Car repair

Professionally performs repair of air conditioners on passenger cars of all brands! Also we do diagnostics, refueling and repair of the conditioner on trucks and buses. We carry out repairs of any complexity. To specify the cost of refueling and repairing the car conditioner, it is possible for an online consultant on the site or by telephone of our stations.

When refueling in, you get a free diagnostic for leakage during a month and also free refueling when repairing the auto-conditioning system in our service.

The range of our services for auto-conditioners includes:
– diagnostics of auto-conditioners;
– refueling of auto-conditioner with refrigerant R134A;
– repair (welding with argon, spraying) of tubes, condenser, evaporator;
– replacement of pipes (lines) with the second evaporator of the air conditioner (tubes for hoses);
– manufacturing and repair of high pressure hoses;
– Overhaul and repair of the compressor;

– Replacement of the air conditioning compressor clutch bearing;
– repair of the electrician of the car conditioner;
– replacement of sealing rings, nipples;
– antibacterial treatment of the evaporator;
– elimination of unpleasant odors in the cabin;
– external flushing of the condenser, evaporator;
– flushing the car air conditioning system;

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