Buy cosmetics in specially designed places for this

Although the quality of imported from abroad and manufactured in Russia cosmetics is controlled, it is obvious that not only certified goods enter the market.
This can be a fake for the products of famous brands or products of unknown companies. To avoid cheating, all the cosmetic products should be bought in large stores or pharmacies, and not in markets or in tents in underground passages. In addition, in specialized stores, as a rule, consultants work, you can get all the information you need and take samples.

Do not buy cosmetics spontaneously

Try to find information about it first – it can save you from many disappointments and waste. Talk with the consultants of the cosmetic firm you like, find the probes. Every self-respecting cosmetics manufacturer now has a website on the Internet where you can also find a lot of useful information.

In order to choose a cream, you need to know your skin type. This is very important, since almost all the basic characteristics of the cosmetic products necessary for your skin depend on this.

Remember, the skin type is not constant. It can vary according to age (over the years, the skin, as a rule, becomes drier), the time of the year (in summer the skin is noticeably fatter) and even because of the stress experienced (for example, the skin can become problematic or sensitive). It would be ideal to consult a beautician from time to time. But approximately you can determine the type of your skin and yourself.

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