Body care products needed

Whatever the season, the skin is exposed to harmful factors that lead to dehydration and, eventually, to an aesthetic effect. Whether we are talking about low or high temperatures, exposure to sunlight, low humidity or the effects of chlorine in water, the skin requires careful care and an additional contribution of hydration.

Invest in a moisturizing body milk that restores suppleness of the skin, protecting it and regenerating properties due to a contained oil. Among the most effective nutritional oils, olive oil is found, complemented by floral waters of chamomile and verbena. We recommend body milk that forms on the skin a velvety film that revives the dermis.

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Hands are cold and exposed to cold temperatures, chlorine water content and other harmful agents, so moisturizer for hands is a must-have that you should wear it constantly in the bag for regular applications. Provence Sante hand cream combines shea butter, calendula extract and sweet almond oil to soothe, regenerate and effectively protect the skin rough and swollen hands.

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