Backpacks that you want right now

last season’s fashion to make a small and stylish backpack trend thing a woman’s wardrobe, they can be used to work, and combined with a dress, in favor of an abundance of patterns, colors and textures allow it. We offer you 7 amazing fashionable backpacks that you want right now.

Your backpack looks like you are on a business trip to another planet. Futurism is actually and in demand, because we are already living in the future, about what so many films have been shot. This backpack gathered all the elements in the “space” design fashionably this season: plastic, silver, geometric ornament.
The simplicity of the shape of this bag is compensated by the skill of the skill, the backpack consists of many solar panels. With what to combine this pretty bold model? From Lofer on a high platform, in black, white, silver color, with short pants and skirt, pencil, free style and ornate with bright pictures.

A backpack is an amazingly practical thing, but sometimes you want it to be a purse. Such a paradoxical belief served as inspiration for the creation of this model. A light compact backpack can be used as a purse over the shoulder. This makes it even more versatile and combinatorial. Separately, it is worth noting the succulent color of the model, this shadow will be one of the most popular in the coming fall-winter season.

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