The fact that an air conditioner has an energy class “A.

In cooling operation, does not necessarily mean that it has the same energy class during the heating operation.

Air-purifying air-purifying technology is an ever-improving field in air conditioners. Most air conditioners are equipped with filters to hold dust and micro-organisms. The development of the above-mentioned filters has led several manufacturers to supply their models with an ionizer, an advanced electronics filter (cold plasma filter). The ionizer using electric fields releases positive and negative ions to the air that neutralize bacteria and viruses, while retaining dust, odors and suspended particles. The ionizer function consists of smoking areas and in the case of people suffering from allergies (such as allergic rhinitis), the elderly and babies.
Maintenance of air conditioner

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Head gasket burned symptoms

The seal of the head is the seal between the motor block and the head. It is not subject to periodic maintenance, so it should only be replaced when it is needed.

In practice, the only time to replace it is to develop leaks that allow the engine coolant to penetrate internally or externally where it should be visible. Internal leaks allow the cooling liquid to be burnt in the combustion chambers.

A “head” head seal can cause a number of different symptoms: engine oil cooler, engine ignition or engine leakage, low level of coolant, a motor that runs at a higher temperature high above or overheat, and steam that appears as white smoke coming out of the exhaust gas.

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Modern fashion – comfort and style in a bottle

The development of technology in today’s fashion industry allows the realization of the boldest ideas of designers, which in turn resonates in the hearts of millions of fashion fans who want to create new fashion photos every day. With the development of the Internet, fashion has gone beyond the famous publications of profiles and has become the property of the general public after actively developing street-style youth. Elements of this style are found both on the pages of fashion bloggers and in the wardrobes of the stars of the music and film industry. The comfort and luminosity of expressing individuality in youth style attracts more and more fans.

Youth branded clothes

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Probably, the person has already reached the maximum life expectancy

Perhaps the current generation of people has already reached the maximum limit of the duration of human life. A recent study conducted by scientists from the United States was designed to show the likelihood that one of the people will survive the age of 122 – the officially established record for life expectancy to date. The results were disappointing.

The rapid development of medicine over the past 100 years has caused a rapid increase in the average life expectancy in many countries of the world. Statistics showed a constant increase in the maximum life expectancy – again and again fixed long-livers who stepped over a hundred-year boundary. But since the 90-ies of the last century, growth in the maximum life expectancy is no longer observed. The record holder is still the Frenchwoman Zhanna Kalman, who at the age of 122 years 5 months and 14 days died in 1997. Does this mean that humanity has approached the limit for the maximum life expectancy?

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Backpacks that you want right now

last season’s fashion to make a small and stylish backpack trend thing a woman’s wardrobe, they can be used to work, and combined with a dress, in favor of an abundance of patterns, colors and textures allow it. We offer you 7 amazing fashionable backpacks that you want right now.

Your backpack looks like you are on a business trip to another planet. Futurism is actually and in demand, because we are already living in the future, about what so many films have been shot. This backpack gathered all the elements in the “space” design fashionably this season: plastic, silver, geometric ornament.
The simplicity of the shape of this bag is compensated by the skill of the skill, the backpack consists of many solar panels. With what to combine this pretty bold model? From Lofer on a high platform, in black, white, silver color, with short pants and skirt, pencil, free style and ornate with bright pictures.

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Sectional doors – composition of gates

interconnected sandwich panels;
electrical or mechanical drive;
Door leaf guides with seal;
Remote control system (for electric drive variant);
System of operational safety;
Access system.

A warm sandwich panel for sectional doors consists of two strips of galvanized steel with a polymer coating. Between the strips is a layer of high-density polyurethane foam, which has high thermal insulation properties and is at the same time an environmentally friendly material. The standard thickness of the profile is 45 mm. Sandwich panels are equipped with a sealing compound made of plastic, energy foam.

On the lower edge of the sectional doors is a hollow sealing profile made of frost-resistant rubber with two edges. It serves to compensate for ground irregularities that seal the bottom of the gate. Another of its tasks is to prevent damage to obstacles which are opposed to the closing doors.

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We invite to our courses

Make your life brighter, more interesting and fascinating not only for children, but also for adults.

The adult person is able to determine what he wants from the lessons at home. Some people want to achieve success in this profession, but they break off halfway. Especially working and family people have their responsibilities.

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How to weave a simple spike-spike to a child: instructions

Whatever may be said, some spit-spike-based haircuts can not be created without assistance (mothers, grandparents or sisters), especially if the face is still small for self-weaving. But if you use training and practice, then you can learn how to weave a nice and beautiful spikelet.

Tip: The thicker the pipe, the longer it will stay.

On short and medium hair, the braids are woven from the forehead, the long ones – from the middle of the thigh.

slightly comb hair from forehead to back of head;
a large strip divided into three small ones and begins to weave with the usual ribbon, grabbing the locks;
Alternatively, grasp small threads along the edges and weave them into the main tissue

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The blue color in the clothes. Who goes and what is united

Blue is a favorite color for many girls, plus the main color around which the entire wardrobe is built. To whom the blue color passes, what is combined with and what nuances it is easier to make successful equipment variants.
The blue color in the clothes

The son is considered to be completely official. Business suit, uniforms, work bibs – all this is not hard to imagine in a dark blue color, but not in red, not in green. At the same time, the color of the summer sky looks light and sexy, romantic and very feminine.
Blue hues

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Buy a skirt or a woman pants you can

For those who want to buy your dream dress, we recommend you enter the category “dresses”. Here you can find what you have been looking for so long. For everyday wear you can buy a dress for each day, which helps create a stylish and modern look.
We are pleased to offer our business men a strict and feminine office dress. And for those who go to a holiday or a party, we recommend you buy a smart dress or a cocktail version. For special occasions, you should choose a chic outfit that you can find in the section “evening dresses”.

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